18 June, 2018

An isolated Old Man and Old Woman prepare for the arrival of important guests. Ionesco’s iconic absurdist farce reinterpreted for Kiwi audiences in Te Reo, Samoan, Cantonese and English. Using physical theatre, comedy and pathos, the boundaries of language will be transcended by beautiful moments of theatre and community connection.

Where: Te Pou Theatre, 44a Portage Rd (free parking)

Dates: 10-14 July – Pākehā; 17-21 July – Te Reo Māori; 24-28 July- Samoan; 31 July- 4 August – Cantonese.

Tickets: https://tepoutheatre.nz   $12-$22  - discounts for multiple shows

Running time: Approx 60 minutes

The Cantonese version will be performed by Helene Wong and Sam Wang with direction by Hweiling Ow, new translation by Henry Liu.  It will be fully in Cantonese with no subtitles but we will have a detailed synopsis / written translation available to refer to and the acting will make things clear.